“The author also stirringly captures the dawning reality of war for those on the home front.”
– Kirkus Reviews

Tears Before Bedtime

by E. R. Rhodes

Adolescence to adulthood is a gigantic leap. Teenager Edward Roberts, youngest son of a middle-class, suburban British family is primed and ready to take on the world. With World War II as a backdrop, Eddie comes of age as the bombing raids begin, and is evacuated into the countryside along with thousands of other children. Returning home to be with his dying older brother, Eddie hatches a plan to get into the navy and live his dream of sailing around the world. Managing to skirt his mother’s dreams for him, Eddie launches his naval career only to wait out the war in a Japanese POW camp in Thailand. Tears Before Bedtime is a witty and at times harrowing chronicle of growing up during WWII and the experiences of families facing rationing, lost businesses, and nightly bombings. It’s also the true-life tale of life in the British Royal Navy as can only be told by a talented insider.

About the author

In 1943, debut author Eddie Rhodes paid a three-day visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia compliments of the British Royal Navy. Promising himself one day to return, it took Eddie forty years to honour that pledge. A prolific writer since his early childhood in England – writing short stories, articles, speeches for dignitaries and politicians – this is Eddie’s debut novel. Admitting to having turned forty years of age (twice), he claims he’s a late developer, but is already planning a sequel, plus a fictional whodunit almost completed. Tongue in cheek, he says, “Perhaps the literary world is ready for a fresh young voice.” He now resides in Delaware, a small town just west of London, Ontario.

Eddie Rhodes

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